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The range of Boscarol’s Medical Suction Unit is the result of accurate design processes, use analysis and conformity to all current norms. Since they first entered the marketplace back in the 90’s, our suction units have been adapted and designed in order to match all new specifi c use requests.
Our devices are manufactured to be used in the fi eld of emergency, reanimation, first aid activities and home care for obstructed patient upper airways that may cause an impediment in the natural breathing process.
Available with diff erent power and dimensions, our suction units are meant to be installed on emergency vehicles and rescue aircrafts. Due to their special structure and handily use they can be successfully used in the army as well.
Made with special material resistant to the wearing eff ect of time and suitable to their particular use our devices are extremely reliable and easy to use: in fact they have successfully passed all tests accordingly to IEC60601-1-11 norm dealing
with the use of medical devices by laic personnel.
Our suction units are entirely manufactured in Italy by our headquarter based in Bolzano and all productive processes are oriented towards the full respect of environment, energy conservation, use of clean energy produced in establishments
which are not using fossil fuels and towards the protection of end
users concerning the choice of raw materials.
The Boscarol company constantly applies a quality system on all managing and production processes and holds the II enclosure for medical devices CE marked accordingly to what established by Legislative Act 46/97.
Thanks to these characteristics, Boscarol suction units are on top of the range of the international business competitors.


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