The OSCAR BOSCAROL takes its name from its founder, who in 1987 decided to start a company in Bolzano to provide specific quality products for first aid and civil protection, sectors in which he had gained twenty years of experience.

Suction Unit 3B

Therefore, he decided to undertake the activity of manufacturer, designing the first rescue bag, this very Rescue Bag being still today a worldwide icon. Later, together with his friend and colleague from the Red Cross Daniele Brazzo, they created the medical suction unit 3B, which started the whole legacy of suction devices.


In 1995 the company policy decided to base its quality system on ISO 9001 standards, obtaining the certification in 1996.

EN 46001 e ISO 13485

In 1997 we obtained the EN 46001 certification, additional to ISO 9001: 1994 for medical device manufacturers. Since 2003, when ISO 13485 became a self-supporting standard, we switched to the ISO 13485:2003 edition.

Oscar Boscarol srl

At the beginning of the year 2000, with his wife Elisabeth Ebner, now President, and Daniele Brazzo, today general manager, he founded the Oscar Boscarol Srl Company, acquiring even larger spaces and expanding the range of products.

OB2000, OB Minivac OB1000, OB500

The increase in production of emergency vehicles worldwide has led to the planning of a complete family of devices for this specific use. First, the restyling of the OB2000 suction unit, adapting it to the latest mandatory requirements that came into force. Then, the support bracket, the first ever in the World to be approved after passing specific crash tests. Finally, the OB1000, OB Minivac and OB500 (stationary suction unit for ambulance use) device family.

Oxygen-distribution system

In 2003, he began the study of an oxygen distribution system in ambulances and pressure reducers for this purpose. This process ended in early 2005 with the passing of laboratory tests, which led, in 2006, to the final approval with consequent release of the CE certificate and marketing of the devices.

Resuscitation bags and ventilation masks

Since 2008, the families of resuscitation bags and ventilation masks have been added to the Boscarol product range, thus achieving complete independence from other manufacturers and becoming absolutely competitive on the markets, offering innovative and safe devices, as well as complying with the most recent mandatory requirements.

OB 2012 e OB 3000

From 2012, begins the restyling of the OB2012 suction unit, the best-selling of the family. The aesthetic design changes and the engineering of cutting-edge technology, leads to the birth of an advanced product compared to the other models, the OB 3000, currently top model in the sector.


The OB Minivac suction unit has also been redesigned and made more efficient to guarantee the minimum requirements of the new edition of the reference standard for medical suction units, becoming the OB MINI.


In 2015, the company establishes an agreement to certify a well-known semi-automatic / automatic defibrillator (AED) model produced by the company Schiller Medical SAS in Wissembourg, enriching its offer with the introduction of the OB Life Support 300 and 300A (untile 2019).

MDR 745 - Class I

All class I devices of our production comply with the new regulation on medical devices MDR 745/2017. The next goal, within the expiry of the certificate, remains that of making devices of classes above I compliant with the regulation.


Boscarol products in MDR

fter the compliance step achieved in 2021 for our class I devices, from today we can finally confirm that all the devices we produce comply with the European Regulation MDR 745, something we are very proud of.