Boscarol Suction Unit OB 3000

Quality, efficiency and design: OB 3000, maximum usability and innovative design for a product studied by Oscar Boscarol Srl and based on the necessities of the rescuer.

Weight and dimensions

2,6 kg for a device complete with battery and 1 lt canister: its extreme lightweightness and reduced dimensions make of this unit an easily portable device. Its reduced depth allows the user to carry the device without shoulder strain and leaving both hands/arms free for any other needs (dimensions of the device complete with all components 360x244(h)x110 mm for a total weight of 2,6 kg).

Powerful and reliable

Our long experience in the emergency and production of portable medical suction unit has led us to introduce into the market a new device, particularly oriented to all new needs but strictly reliable in its performance: max. aspiration flow of 33 lpm with a double piston pump and max pressure of 800 mbar for a free cycle autonomy of 60 minutes (±10%).

Last generation electric circuit

The inner microprocessor is able to record all device data, from its manufacture to its functioning: thus, the user is automatically noticed when the mandatory maintenance is required, every 2 years or, anyway, accordingly to the use of the unit; the third led blinks when the planned safety check of the device is needed (3 consecutive blinking with a pause of about 5 seconds).

Removable battery, wall bracket with recharging system and power supply

The polymer of lithium battery with non-organic solid electrolyte includes a special electronic circuit for malfunction and short circuit prevention, protects the unit from high temperatures and from unexpected dangerous discharge: the battery productive process complies to the IEC 62133 standard.

The removable battery is one of the most interesting aspect of the device for the final user: in fact it is now possible to replace the battery of the suction unit without sending the unit back to the service center or to the manufacturer; as a matter of fact the battery pack is protected by a specially designed fireproof ABS case particularly suitable for the extraction and insertion of the battery itself in a very short time.

Wall bracket (conformed to EN 1789) can be supplied upon request. The device can be provided with a 2-poles male connector main power supply, (rated voltage 11÷30 Vcc).

FA autoclavable canister or FM disposable liners

The device comes in 2 versions: FM with disposable liners or FA with autoclavable canister. FA version included one 1000 ml autoclavable canister with protection overflow valve and protection filter directly on the cover. FM version included one 1000 ml OB-J canister suitable for the use of Serres liners.

IP protection level

The device is made with special fireproof plastic polymer resistant to use with no need of protection bag. IP protection level is among the highest of this product category: IP 44. This protect the device from solid material, water splashes and pouring rain.


The device complies to all current norms related to the medical devices, first of all the ISO 10079-1 which is specific for electronically powered medical suction unit. The device is also compliant with the IEC 60601-1-11 for homecare and with the new IEC 60601-1-12 for the use of electromedical devices during emergencies. The suction unit is also available in the AVIO version, for airborne use, thus in compliance with the RTCA DO-160G. When we talk of conformity, we talk about safety, respect of all current norms that prevent the devices from all risks: this is the reason why our work is a constant update and we are continuously attentive to all legal and normative issues that, especially in our field, are extremely important.


Our OB3000 is available for you together with all the rest of the products right in the place where they are manufactured: our headquarter in Bolzano.


Few minutes for battery replacement

Practicality: only 11 cm of thickness

Power and reliability for a state-of-the-art device