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  • Ampullarium, lässt sich wie ein Buch öffnen, leer
  • Aus wasserabweisendem, reißfestem Stoff, in der Farbe rot erhältlich
  • Durch 2 Klettstreifen in Notfalltaschen und -rucksäcken fixierbar
  • 2 Platten mit Gummibändern für 28 Ampullen unterschiedlichen Durchmessers können entfernt werden
  • Polsterung in der Mitte mit durchsichtiger Tasche zur Auflistung der Ampullen
  • Abmessungen: circa 25x12x7 (h) cm
  • Warennr CND V0480
€ 20,53
MWST augeschlossen
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Dokumente verfügbar:
Taschen und Rucksäcke

Boscarol’s bags and rucksacks are the result of years of study and cooperation with doctors and rescuers, with experts in the fi eld of sea and alpine rescue teams besides international civil protection. Opposite to what is often thought, our medical bags and rucksacks are specially manufactured through particular processes that include the choice of the material which must be resistant to mechanical strain, specifi c sewing and block-free zippers easy to open although self protection devices are involved. Nothing is to be considered casual, not even the choice of the colour and the fantasy of the fabric used for the pediatric line. Boscarol company is also proud to be the manufacturer of the original RESCUE BAG, designed and produced since 1985 by the founder of the company itself Mr. Oscar Boscarol, which is currently the most copied bag by the competitors worldwide. The wide range of bags available aims to satisfy all of our customers needs, thus helping to make our brand worldwide famous.