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  • Splint with aluminium core for easy limbs immobilization in case of fracture or sprain
  • Made in neoprene material
  • Adaptable to fit each body frame
  • It does not produce tissues compressions
  • It maintains body temperature
  • It reduces congestion around injured areas
  • Velcro modelling closing
  • Lightweight and easily washable even in washing-machine
  • Least encumbrance
  • Dimensions: about 57x18x0,6 cm
  • Weight: about 280 gm
  • Not suitable for femur fractures


€ 30,38
VAT excluded
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Immobilization devices have only entered the rescue fi eld for few years now, providing traumatized patients huge benefi ts in terms of fi rst aid. The studies performed by our project department and the cooperation with the emergency personnel helped with the design of a wide range of specifi c products. Our devices are suitable for limbs and body immobilization, they allow the correct lifting and safe transport activity of polytraumatized patients. Extrication devices, vacuum mattresses, pneumatic splints, rigid and soft cervical collars are just some of the products we have under this category. The technical material used are chosen to ensure long-time durability and an eff ective rescue activity, completely safe both for user and patients.