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  • Complete belt E-Holster
  • Made in tearproof and water-resistant red material
  • 5 compartments with pockets for gloves and for Pen Light
  • Belt loop of about 5,5 cm
  • Dimensions: about 14x3x19(h) cm
  • Complete with:
  • 1 first aid scissors
  • 1 anatomic forceps
  • Cocher forceps
  • 1 Pen Light
  • 1 Tourniquet










€ 38,11
VAT excluded
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This kind of products are specifi cally designed for the diagnosis of medical pathology or used as an auxiliary device in the measurement of physical body parameters. Pulse-oximeters, pressure measurement devices, thermometers and stethoscopes ensure high performance even in difficult events. Furthermore, the Oscar Boscarol company ensures an effective after-sale service so to grant our customer the utmost satisfaction possible. The choice of our devices is not casually done neither is it only based upon their price but it comes as the result of the continuous inspection to the suppliers besides accurate checks of the goods both in check-in stage and after sale activities.